Are You Confused About the Modern Rules of Sex?

Finding yourself confused about the modern rules of sex? You would not be the first person to say just that. Lately, I have even come to appreciate that many of the girls who work for London escorts are confused about the modern rules of sex. And that, is in my opinion, saying something. What is the world coming to when even London escorts are confused about the modern rules of sex?

The truth is that I think that we are making things far too complicated, and I pity young people, As a matter of fact, I pity some of the senior gents I date at London escorts as well. They are often even more confused about the modern rules of sex than some of the young people that I know. One guy that I have been dating some time at London escorts recently asked me what the 5 date rule is all about. Apparently, he had taken some girl out and she had told him that she would not have sex with him unless they had been out on five dates. Anyone would find that confusing!

So, what is the five-date rule all about? It can be difficult to explain, and I would like you to know that it certainly does not apply when it comes to dating London escorts. Should you kiss on the first date? Some say that kissing on the first date is okay, but others, say that it is not. Watching Channel 4 Celeb Dating last night, it was clear that Lady C did not believe in kissing on the mouth on the first date. I am okay about kissing on the mouth on the first date, and I think that most London escorts are as well. But, I am not sure that I would go for French kissing on the first date.

What about dating someone from the LGBT community? This could get seriously complicated if you know what I mean. I recently came out as bisexual myself and so far, I am finding living in London as a bisexual woman very challenging. Sure, I am getting some guidance from the other bisexual girls at London escorts, but it is still a challenge. Does the 5 date rule apply to bisexuals and the rest of the LGBT community in London? Have you ever stopped and thought about that?

In conclusion, I would like to say that we are probably making dating way too complicated. Instead of worrying about stuff like when we should kiss, I think that we should just do what feels right. That is my London escorts approach and so far it seems to have worked out for me. If I feel like kissing someone, I will indeed do so. Hopefully, they will not be afraid or worried about expressing their feelings for me neither, and I hope that will do what feels right for them. If we all did that, it would certainly make the world an easier place to live in.

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